First Up on the Bloggity Blog!

Well, here we have it folks!  I’m leaping towards what will hopefully be a net, and launching this new (not-quite-complete, probably-a-work-in-progress-for-awhile) website.  I was reluctant to jump into this, but I need to make the move sometime so…I’m kicking the old website to the curb, and moving forward with a fresh new name and logo.  You like?  Please feel free to leave me some love, or constructive feedback.  I’d really appreciate it!  I mean that!  

Kristen, Ryan & your trio of pups~Come on down!!  You are the first ones up on the Mountain Bound website!!  Feeling pretty special now aren’t ya?

It was another super cold day for the Valentine Mini’s!  Thankfully love warms the heart, and Kristen & Ryan were troopers on this frosty day.  Plus I hand hand warmers to clench when I wasn’t holding down the shutter.

A big shout out to the hand warmer inventor! You rocked my world today!!

We chose the Spring Creek area of Canmore, on this bluebird day.  The river was beautiful with a soft mist rising above it.  It was a fun & fast mini shoot, and I’m pretty sure I could hear the pups collectively release a sigh of relief as Ryan wrapped them in a blanket and headed back towards the vehicle.

Thanks for contacting me you two.  It was so great to meet you both, and your sweet pups as well!  Here is a little peek of your mini shoot.

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February 10, 2014 - 3:34 am

Janette Murchie - Love the new site, Jen! I can totally see your vision! You are one of the most positive-spirited people I’ve ever met, and that’s such an important quality to have as a photographer! Congrats on the switch to Mountain Bound – love the name and idea, and love the packages you offer. I’ve never seen that before. Like wedding packages, but for the every day person. You have such a unique opportunity there, good on you for capturing that niche! :)

February 11, 2014 - 2:37 pm

Alison - Jen is an amazing photographer and has the patience of a saint! 3 kids including a fidgeting crying baby was hard enough for us parents but Jen took it her stride and we are so happy with the results and her creativity with the shots. I am so glad to see that this has grown and developed and am more than happy to recommend her. All the best Jen you are awesome!

February 13, 2014 - 4:35 am

Annie - Jen was so wonderful with my little one, not to mention very patient and accommodating! My one-week old would not cooperate and fall asleep for us, so Jen adjusted and took a few awake pictures. Then at the last moment (of course!) she fell asleep, so Jen took advantage and quickly did the shoot before my little one woke back up. She captured great shots of my newborn, which I will cherish forever! Thanks so very much Jen, you are truly amazing!!

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