A big family shoot with a twist!

The weather in the mountains has been unseasonably warm, and I am LOVING it!  It’s the kind of weather, where jackets are optional for the clients, and I can go gloveless without the fear of losing a finger to frostbite.

We’re just days away from Christmas, and there is a beautiful blanket of white.  Winter shoots can be so fun, and the snow just makes for romantic shots of couples, and playful shots of families.

Yeah, I love shooting in winter!

In early December I had the pleasure of meeting Connie & Walter from Sherwood Park AB.  They had both had families in the past, and they gathered up the lot to make way for a blended family shoot in the mountains.  They had asked for individual couples and family shoots as well.  Much to Connie’s surprise (and mine too, I must add) Walter also had plans to propose to her in front of all their children!!

YES!!  That happened!  It was beautiful!  I was taken off guard, but did manage to capture a few shots through my teary eyes.  (I’m such a sap for the down-on-one-knee business!)

Congratulations Connie & Walter!  I’m so happy for you both!  You’ve got a gorgeous big family, and I loved spending the morning with you.

Here are just a few shots for taste of that day!


The whole crew


Connie’s with her children, and grand-children.

Walter, with his children and their partners.











This happened! What a surprise!!


Gorgeous, and sparkling!

_DSC0273Such a happy & joking bunch!


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