Hi I’m Jen!  Welcome to Mountain Bound Photography!

Mountain Bound is the love affair between my passion for the great outdoors, and my undying desire to be on the other side of the lens.  This love evolved into providing you with a  photography tour experience like none other!  I specialize in lifestyle photography of those that visit this beautiful piece of the world.  I aim to capture your emotion, love and of course the natural wonders that surround you.

I’m a mother of two amazing boys.  I love spicy food and witty comebacks.  I long to explore way more of this beautiful planet, and know that my time will come.  I’m adventurous, courageous and absolutely love to explore new places, and meet new faces.  I experienced love at first sight, in 1998.  I slept in an igloo a couple years later, and a tiny jail cell in Vietnam a few years prior.

I’m a pretty good cook, but would prefer if you did it for me.  I’ve had broken bones and a broken heart, but even if you’re close to me, you probably had no idea how much either hurt.  I’m a dreamer for sure, and believe that what we desire & focus on, will eventually become ours.

Taking photos makes me glitter from the inside!  I’m looking forward to sharing that glitter with you!  Let’s tour!  Let’s EXPLORE!!  and let me capture your amazing mountain memories along the way!

B a n f f
C a n m o r e
L a k e   L o u i s e