and now they’re EXTINCT!

Just like the beloved Brachiosaurus, awesome Allosaurus, or even the trusty T-Rex… the CD will soon be extinct.

It’s Apple’s fault really…they came out with their fancy new laptops, and no place to insert a disc!  (oh Apple why do I still love you so?)

As the times change, Mountain Bound does too.  That’s the way we roll baby!  Good bye CD’s! (I’m kicking’ you to the curb!) Hellloooo pretty new Flash Drives!

After all, you can’t help it if you love Apple! And you will not be happy if I present you with your memories on a disc now will you?  Oh no sir-ee you will not!  

Everyone will love their story stored on a beautiful custom flash drive, regardless of the type of computer you own.  

 I’m super excited for their arrival!

Like everything else in this big beautiful world of ours, not all is created equal.  I did lots & lots of research into which flash drives to purchase.

As with the entire Mountain Bound experience, I want to ensure a customized high end product.  These are sturdy, sleek and with the ability to safely hold your precious mountain memories.  (Not to mention oh-so-cute!) Forget bulky CD’s that get scratched and broken.  Snap this snazzy piece to your key chain and go!  After hours of web search and customer reviews, these are the bad boys I decided on…


Aren’t they beautiful?!!  I love, love, LOVE them and I know you will too!  Just wait until you see the sweet little gift box they come in!  I do love packaging!  Boxes and ribbons and bows ~ OH MY!

~Do you care about whether or not your photos are presented on CD or flash drive?  What about packaging?  Does it matter to you?  Obviously the quality of the photo is first and foremost, but I think packaging matters too!  I’d love to hear what YOU have to say.  Leave me a line!~



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