Birthday Girl

The leaves are all but gone, and the blue skies have turned that cold grey that tells me winter will soon meet us.  The mountain tops are snow capped, and anxiously awaiting more.  My shoots will now be fewer and further between, as we move into the cold.  I’ll still shoot over our beautiful mountain winter with it’s sparkling snow and bright blue skies, but these days will be less.

Thanksgiving weekend a few weeks ago, was still warm(ish) and a great day for a family shoot.  Kyla and her family were all meeting here in the mountains, and she had organized a shoot of her extended family for her mother-in-law, for her 70th birthday.  Yes 70th.  She’s beautiful isn’t she?  I can only hope to have youthful looks when I reach the 7-0, but some days with my two boys make me think I won’t stand a chance! *sigh*

It was great to meet you all.  You’re a beautiful family!  I’ll be mailing your flash drive in the morning, but until then, here’s a little peek of you photo shoot in the mountains.





















I adore this photo.  I want my husband to be making me toss my head back in laughter all through our years together. (He had better get to work on his joke portfolio.)




 Hit with a wind gust, but all smiles!





This little dude was a runner!!  Tough to catch for sure!





Sweet little girl.


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