Bride-to-be & her best girls

I’ve had so much fun out and about this Summer.  I’m going to miss the long days of sunshine and actually feel a sadness when I think about the cold that winter will bring.  I do love winter white, and the beauty of the snow capped peaks, but I hate the days that are so cold that my fingers can’t manuver the dials on my camera.  But alas, I will take joy in the weather we are now getting, and soak up every ray of sun that comes my way.

Jaimy contacted me with a request to get some outdoor shots for her best friend and Bride-to-Be.  We chose majestic Minnewanka and the day was beautiful, relatively warm and sunny.  The Bride-to-Be was known to be a bit camera shy, and had no idea what her friends were up to.  It was a great surprise!  You ladies were a fun bunch!  Here’s just a couple of the photos coming your way soon!

I hope your evening out on the town was a fun one, and I wish all the best for your wedding day ahead!



 The beautiful Bride-to-Be!


The love of girlfriends.


The girls & Mother of the Bride-to-Be.


Beautiful Ladies.


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