What’s is a Photo Shoot/Tour?

We all want gorgeous images that tell the story of our beautiful vacation away.  All too often we return from our amazing trip, eager to show off our photos to family and friends, only to realize something’s missing.  (or someone) That someone is YOU!  And if you’re in the photo, then your love is not. There’s always someone hidden from the shot, snapping from the other side.


Not the vacation memories you had hoped for…

You’re together.  Relaxed and having fun.  The backdrop is STUNNING, and you want to remember this forever.  The perfect opportunity to capture a moment, freeze a memory, and tell the story of your amazing time here through beautiful professional photography.  Plus I’m a local!!  I know of ALL the best spots to discover, explore, and enjoy.  Let me guide you on a once in a lifetime excursion, capturing the best of your mountain memories.

Forget the one-armed-selfy.  Run away from the run-for-the-timer shot.  And asking the random stranger? Well, we all know how great those turn out…

Take the hassle out of your holiday with Mountain Bound Photography.

You’ve been waiting a long time for this vacation; document your amazing time here, so you’ll never forget it!  This isn’t your parent’s photography session.  There are no paper backdrops here!  Mountain Bound Photography provides a tour to some of the areas most stunning locations, capturing the story of your Rocky Mountain Vacation along the way.  Stunning Scenery.  Beautiful Backdrops.  YOU in the picture!

Check out our fun & affordable vacation photo shoot/tour packages below & book today!


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