Just 5 days new.

Did you know Mountain Bound Photography sells Gift Certificates?

Whaaaaaat???  Yep!  It’s true, and the word on the street is they are the best.present.ever!!!

Especially for families with young ones (what in heck will we get them that they’ll actually use/appreciate/want???)  AND for new parents-to-be (the ultimate baby shower gift!)  Seriously??  Another receiving blanket?  That is soooo 2005.

Everyone wants photos to love and cherish as the years pass by, and we’ve got ’em!  In Gift Certificate form!




The best gift EVER!



This one pictured is obviously for a mom & dad to be, but they are customizable, and perfect for any occasion.  There, I’ve just finished your Christmas list and it’s only March!  You’re welcome!

Our fist Gift Certificate was redeemed today, with the arrival of Samantha and Dave’s sweet little bundle, Asher Hudson!  Great name hey?  I love it!

This tiny dude with his full head of hair will melt your heart in a milli-second.  Seriously, he is CUTE!  He’s a tiny guy, just 6 lbs and a bit, and he felt like a feather to hold!  At just 5 days new, it was the perfect time to capture some of his newborn sweetness!

Here’s just a couple as I know you are anxious Samantha & Dave!  The rest will arrive on new custom flash drive soon! Thanks for having me in to meet your precious one.  It was great to meet you all.  Welcome to the world sweet Asher!















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