Man, I love summertime!

It’s been an exciting summer so far.  I made up a ‘Summertime Bucket List’ to tick off as the days go by.  I want to make sure to fit in lots of fun and adventure in our short window of warmth and sun.  Hiking and being outside are of course high on list of things to do.  One of my favorite short hikes in the area, is to the mystical green waters of Grassi Lakes.  They are so clear, and the colours range from various shades of blue to deep emerald green.  I just love it there! We made the hike up a few weekends ago, and I’ve decided I need to do a shoot here!  Who’s up for this beautiful backdrop?_DSC0587







The various greens and blues of the waters there are stunning!  It’s such a beautiful area to explore.




This is the area at the top of Grassi Lakes.  I think it would make a very pretty backdrop!




Where’s  you’re favorite short hike in the Bow Valley?  I’d love to know!  I hope you are getting lots of miles on your hiking boots this summer, and exploring all of the beauty Mother Nature has granted us!  Stay tuned for more pics of outdoor adventures including Banff’s Norquay Via Ferrata coming soon!



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