March midway

Hey there friends & followers!  How has March been in your world?  Banff’s March has been a mix of cold weather and spring like temps, and even some rain between our snow falls.  March tends to be a fairly unpredictable month, and so far it’s lived true to it’s reputation.

I had  a photo shoot lined up for last weekend that we sadly decided to postpone.  Although my policy states that I shoot in sun, snow and even rain, I like to be flexible when I can, and toss polices out the window sometimes.  ~I never was one for the rule book…~



(This is a fave pic of Harlea when I met her almost 2 and 1/2 years ago)

We were getting a freak rain shower the day I was supposed to be out with Harlea & her family. It usually snows this month, (and almost any other month for that matter).

It was difficult to postpone, as I’m sooo excited to see her again.  There’s nothing better than a re-shoot of past clients from years gone by, and seeing how they’ve grown and changed.  Especially with little ones, as they grow and change so much year to year.

But I get it…we all want photos with sunshine and blue skies.   (Although I’ve got to say, rain boots and puddles can make for a fun shoot too!) It was cold, on top of the wet, so we decided to hold off for a bit.  See you soon Harlea, my fingers are crossed for blue skies!

I’m super excited for this Saturday!  Regardless of the weather I’ll be able to capture some brand spankin’ newborn cuteness!  The shoot will take place in the warm comfort of his Canmore home.  I can’t wait to meet him, sneak in a snuggle and then share some of his newborn sweetness with you.

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Do you have a spring shoot planned?  When was the last time you updated your photos?  Spring and Summer in Banff offer up a plethora of beauty.  I hope to see your smiling faces Mountain Bound soon!





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